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"The Father of Action/Adventure"

Don Pendleton's Executioner Series

50 Years, 1969-2019

Don Pendleton's only Mack Bolan Short Story, written in 1978, now in print and ebook, 2018.

Don Pendleton Creates Mack Bolan, 50 Year Anniversary. 1969-2019,

print and ebook

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Don Pendleton's writing style is hard-hitting, fast-moving, gritty, filled with authentic dialogue, and captures keen insights into the inner-workings of his characters.

Don Pendleton, known as the "Father of the Action/Adventure," was the creator of the best-selling original Mack Bolan, The Executioner Series, of 37 books, with more than 200 million copies in print.   Since 1980, spinoffs of the Executioner have been published:  Phoenix Force; Able Team; Stony Man; Super Bolan; along with The Executioner, and there are now close to 900 books in the series. 

A publishing deal was  made for e-book versions of Don Pendleton's original series with Open Road Media.  Thirty-seven of the original The Executioner Series can now be ordered for purchase as e-books,  since December 16, 2014.  The first three books of the series are also in print.  The first five Executioner novels are now in audio books by Tantor Audio.